Why I wrote Redemptive Scale

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Redemptive Scale. You can find additional information about this story here.

I met Mark Snyder in person one time. It was in June 2021, near the end of his life. He was speaking at the small church plant my wife and I were part of, which was where we’d met David and his sister, Erin.

Mark was in a wheelchair, and his voice was very weak. Most of his immediate family was there, and I remember the palpable feeling of loss that surrounded them. Mark spoke from John 17 about God’s love for us and how that is changing the world. He and I exchanged a few words afterward.

It was more than a year later I had the idea for this book.

Sustainable Med has an annual event in early November. The first one I attended was just after Mark passed. Stephen, Lincoln, and Emmanuel were in town for the event, so they were able to attend Mark’s funeral.

David and I became good friends over that year, and when I had mentioned my desire to write, he offered their family’s lake house as a retreat. This was consistent with Mark’s generous spirit, which I appreciated. I would try to take a day a month to go there and work out my ideas.

I was there in November 2022, the day before the Sustainable Med event. I had developed the scale cycle and was starting to see how the Redemptive Scale would fit with it, but it was all still theoretical.

I had snatches of stories but nothing that held it together. I was frustrated, and at one point, I remember praying, “God, if you want me to do something with this, I need a story to tell.” I left that day having decided not to pursue it further until God answered that prayer.

The next day, I attended the Sustainable Med event. It was a year since Mark had passed, but his presence was very much there. The previous year had been a solemn celebration, but this year was more joyful. God was working, and the team was eager to share the news.

The way the evening unfolded perfectly fit with my ideas about scale. Each new part of the program moved to the next step in the cycle. But what clinched it for me was when Stephen, Lincoln, and Emmanuel began to share. The genuine sense of brotherhood and community they displayed spoke to me.

These men displayed the combined sense of purpose and love that I longed for. They had burning hearts. By the time they shared how the impact of ZIOZ was multiplying exponentially through the Leaders of Excellence, I knew this story was the answer to my prayer.