A Global Epidemic

How could an orthopedic surgeon in Cincinnati improve lives worldwide?

This dramatic story is captured in the forthcoming book, Redemptive Scale, which examines the modern phenomenon of scale alongside the eternal impact of the gospel. All this is set against the backdrop of a global epidemic.

The words “global pandemic” still ring in our ears. But would a condition that afflicted every eighth person with debilitating symptoms qualify as a global epidemic?

Such an epidemic exists, but its effects are limited to the world’s most impoverished populations. This is a crisis, but it is slow-moving, killing almost 200,000 people a year.

A Global Epidemic

This crisis is neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), which afflict more than 1 billion people worldwide even though their causes and cures are known.

Neglected tropical diseases afflict more than 1 billion people worldwide, even though their causes and cures are known.

The World Health Organization has identified this crisis, and some of the largest Non-Governmental Organizations have committed billions to their eradication. But every attempt to scale a solution has proved ineffective.

Until now.

The Story of Dr. Mark Snyder and Sustainable Medical Missions

God placed a vision in the heart of a doctor from Cincinnati to eradicate NTDs. He founded an organization that combines medical training with biblical discipleship. The results have been dramatic.

That man was Mark Snyder, who passed away in November 2021.  The organization he founded, Sustainable Medical Missions, continues that vision and work.

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Help Tell This Story

I have been captivated by this story, as many were captivated by Mark’s unique blend of vision and humility. (Learn more about me here.) I am self-publishing this book to help spread the story of what Sustainable Med has accomplished.

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