Gary Wilkins, DMin, MDiv

IGary Wilkins was a pastor for 20 years before joining MLA Companies, a Christian-owned consulting firm based in Dayton, Ohio. MLA serves small and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits with financial, strategic, and organizational services to help them fulfill their vision of good.

I combine my ministry and business backgrounds to help organizations scale by living out their biblical values. With MLA’s founder and CEO, Seth Morgan, I developed the Business Redeemed Process, which helps implement and manage change in these organizations.

My particular area of interest is the relationship between culture, identity, and community. I wrote my Doctorate of Ministry Thesis on a Biblical definition and understanding of culture. From that foundation, I developed a biblical model of organizational change that leverages the dynamics of culture, identity, and community.

I feel a particular concern for Christ-followers in the workplace. Having been in ministry and the business world, I understand firsthand the challenges of connecting biblical principles to our day-to-day activities. This is becoming more difficult in today’s work environment.

I hope my work contributes to bridging that gap. I ran a program during Pride Month that was designed to help believers respond to those particular challenges. And I’ve led a workshop on Christian identity in the workplace.