How Can I Be Saved?

We use a lot of different words when we talk about becoming a Christ-follower. We might ask, “How can I be saved” or “come to faith.” These all describe something very simple, but that can look very different depending on who you are and when you meet Jesus.

The essential truth we need to understand is called the Gospel. That literally means “good news.” I like to use a simple way of presenting it called 2 Ways To Live, which is below. You can find an interactive presentation of 2 Ways To Live here.

1. God is the loving Creator of the Word.

how can I be savedGod made the world because he is loving. That means he wants to have a loving relationship with his creation. Man and woman are the most relational part of God’s creation because we were made in his image.

Our relationships with each other as human beings, and particularly as husbands and wives, are to reflect God’s character. Mankind was given authority to rule the world under God’s authority.

God created the world in perfect harmony with him and between all parts of his creation. But this is obviously not the world we live in now, so what went wrong?

2. Man and Woman Rebelled Against God

The first man and woman had everything they needed but were tempted to doubt God’s goodness and fulfill themselves. They took the authority God had given them and used it to disobey God.

When this happened, they broke the world as God had created it. For the first time, they felt this brokenness and shame. As a result, they hid from God and each other and blamed others for their sin.

The world no longer worked as God created it to work. So how would God respond?

3. God Must Punish Mankind for Their Rebellion

God is holy, meaning he cannot allow something to exist that does not give him the honor that is rightfully his. God could not allow mankind’s sin to go unpunished.

The punishment for the man and woman’s sin was death. This came immediately as spiritual separation from God and brokenness in creation. And it would eventually come to everyone and everything as physical destruction.

As a result of our rebellion, God needed to remake his creation to honor him. So why are we still here?

4. God Sent Another Man Into the World: Jesus

God sent another man into the world. That man was his Son, Jesus. Jesus never rebelled against God but obeyed everything God asked him to do.

Jesus obeyed even to the point of dying on the cross for our rebellion. He had no rebellion of his own to die for, so His death was the punishment we deserved.

Now God could remake creation to have a restored relationship with mankind and his creation. But is that the end of the story?

5. God Raised Jesus from the Dead

God did not leave Jesus dead. Three days after he died, he raised him from the dead. This proved that God had accepted Jesus’ sacrifice for our sin.

But God did more than that. After Jesus was raised from the dead, God gave him the position of authority over all creation. Now Jesus is able to give eternal life to all who believe in him.

Jesus will return to earth one day to judge us and the world. But what will be the basis of his judgment?

6. There Are Two Ways To Live

Jesus will judge us based on whether we are living under our own authority or his. If we live under our authority, the punishment for our rebellion remains on us.

But if we choose to live under Jesus’ authority, he will give us authority with him over the new creation. We will live forever in perfect harmony with God, Jesus, and all those who are part of that creation.

So, there are two ways to live. Which way are you living?

How Can I Be Saved?

Trusting Jesus as our Savior and living under his authority is something that happens in our hearts. But some actions help us demonstrate that that change has happened.

  • Admit you have rebelled against God and choose to live under your own authority, not his.
  • Acknowledge that you cannot earn God’s approval to pay the penalty for your rebellion.
  • Accept that Jesus’ death paid that penalty for you and that his death and resurrection make you right with God.

God does not intend for us to follow him on our own. He commands us to be in fellowship with other believers. Find a church that teaches the gospel, and ask for help as you grow. They will guide you through the steps to grow in your faith.

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