Prep for Pastors

Pastors, I want you to feel confident that what your people will hear from me is Biblical and helpful. So here are a few Prep for Pastors resources especially for you.

Prep for Pastors: Relating to the Business World

I served in ministry for almost 20 years before God led me into the business world five years ago. Looking back, I realize how little I understood about the challenges the people in my congregation faced in their places of work. Those challenges have increased exponentially since then.

My goal is to help you equip your people for these challenges. Prep for Pride is not only intended to support them during a difficult time. I also hope the feedback I receive will be helpful to you as their pastor in serving their spiritual needs in the workplace.

For a full overview of the campaign, click here.  This page includes the content for the emails, texts, and links to each devotional in the order they will be sent out.

For an explanation of my approach to Pride Month in the workplace, click here.

I’m also running a parallel campaign called Pray for Pride to encourage believers to pray for their brothers and sisters facing these workplace challenges. 

Here are a few resources you can download:

A video that gives an overview of Prep for Pride and Pray for Pride.