Prep For Pride


Welcome to Prep for Pride!

Thank you for your interest.  Below is information about this campaign, and links to other resources on this site.  Note: We are not running the SMS campaign this year.

Watch a short video to learn what this is about.  Or read more about Prep for Pride below.

Prep for Pride is an encouragement and equipping campaign for Christians in the workplace that runs during Pride month.  When you sign up, you’ll receive a text or email about twice a week during June with three things:

  1. A short verse of scripture
  2. An encouragement or meditation based on that verse
  3. A link to the full post on the Faith Culture website

On this site you will also find other resources, such as answers to common questions, definitions of Pride-related terms, and other resources.

You can also anonymously submit prayer requests that will be sent out to our Pray for Pride volunteers.

Quick Links

Other Resources

Pray for Pride

Sign up for Pray for Pride to receive prayer requests from those who have committed to pray for you during Pride month. Prayer reminders will be sent about twice a week or more often, depending on the number of requests received.

Information for Pastors

My hope is that both these opportunities will be promoted in churches. As a former pastor, I want other pastors to know what their people are signing up for. So I’ve created a page of resources specifically for Pastors.  This goes into greater detail about the approach I’ve taken.