Pride Month in the Workplace

The LGBTQ+ movement wants to make support for Pride Month in the workplace a black-or-white issue. They do this by using the language of “affirming” or “non-affirming,” meaning are you for or against their visibility and rights. But from a biblical perspective, this is a false dichotomy.

Homosexual and transsexual behavior is the result of a sinful heart. We know that all sex outside of marriage is sinful, including what happens in our thoughts. If we only focus on outward behavior, we obscure the need for the gospel to change hearts. Christ’s death on the cross is the biblical basis for anyone’s acceptance before God.

Those of us who have accepted that by faith have now experienced God’s forgiveness and grace. We seek to extend that forgiveness and grace to others in how we interact with them. But this is not a simple objective because a significant part of the Pride movement is to take what God calls sin and make it socially acceptable.

Wikipedia states that the Pride movement is intent on earning “dignity, equality, and increased visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people as a social group.” They seek to accomplish this by removing shame and social stigma.

Prep for Pride gets biblical truth into believers’ minds and hearts but in a way that works within the constraints of the secular workplace.

The Bible is clear that homosexuality is sin, and we must teach that truth in our churches. But outside the church, this issue becomes much more complex. This complexity is particularly present in many places of work. That is the context for which I have created Prep for Pride.

Pride Month in the Workplace

Many employers want to have it both ways. They recognize the problems with giving into the full demands of the Pride movement. So in response, they have prohibited all black-and-white language around personal morality, including biblical truth.

Instead, they have made symbolic gestures and allowed these “minority” groups to have a platform for their cause. As a result, they have tried to satisfy the requirements to be “affirming” and avoid supporting biblical truth about sin. This has made workplace rules vague and contradictory, and social pressure has become the primary way of getting people to take an “affirming” stance.

Many believers know homosexuality and transsexuality are wrong. But they still face social pressure to support this movement at work. And they are not allowed to respond by stating their beliefs based on biblical truth. I believe we need to equip believers in two ways:

  • Resist the social pressure to support Pride activities.
  • Engage others in their workplace away from the false dichotomy of “affirming or non-affirming.”

I’ve written the Prep for Pride content to attempt to do these two things.

I consistently remind my readers of their identity in Christ to help them see the futility of giving in to social pressure. And I am highlighting another biblical teaching on facing evil and opposition to help them engage away from the false dichotomy.

Throughout each devotional, I underscore that homosexuality is a sin and is against God’s purpose for those created in his image. This is a complicated issue affecting many relationships beyond the workplace.  

I have included other sections that may assist in these different contexts, including Answers to Common Questions and Helpful books.  But I have chosen to limit my campaign to the challenges faced by those in the workplace.

I trust you will see those themes clearly in the abovementioned communication and devotionals.

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