Science and the Bible

The interaction between science and the Bible is one of the most challenging places to reconcile faith and culture.  This can be particularly difficult for parents who are helping their kids navigate what they are being taught in school.

The link below will show you a series of posts on science and faith.  I do not attempt to answer all the difficult questions.  There are many books that are devoted to that effort.

Rather, I am trying to show how a particular approach to faith sees some of these questions.  Starting with a confidence in God and his world, what opportunities exist in the challenges science presents to our understanding of the Bible.

I begin with posts on this general approach, then being working through Genesis 1, applying it to those well know verses.  I try to start by looking first at what we can interpret from this text, then where other texts in scripture can fill in some blanks.  I also consider where can science refine, or contribute to our interpretation.